We live in an interesting time. We are in the midst of social change.


This is a world in which we immediately embrace its good and beneficial aspects and do not fully know its dangerous aspects.

We all have one or more smartphones in our pockets.

We all have one or more Email addresses. We all have one or more identities, representations, in the digital world. We all shop online, do banking, read newspapers, listen to music; Share our views and pictures over the internet.

This change took only 10 years. And it affected all of us from 7 to 70.

This change not only changed the behavior of the citizen, it also had an impact on the economy. It eliminated some sectors, it revealed some new sectors. If you think about the sectors such as Press, music, film, retail, bookselling, photography, they have become completely digital. Those who couldn't keep up with that transformation were out of the game. Meanwhile, a new cast appeared on stage.

The digital world is also on the agenda of societies, countries and governments. It provided information, sharing and participation. At the same time, socialmedia was heavily used to organize protests.

Social media was the medium of communication for the protests of the G8, G20 and similar summits, for the demonstrations of the Occupy movement, not just the Arab Spring or the demonstrations in our country. And provided highly effective.

As of now, there are about 7 billion people on earth. But at the same time, over 10 billion items are now connected to the internet.

This figure is expected to exceed 100 billion by 2020. All items that are mobile and have a certain value will become digital and will be connected to the internet. This will create new industries, improve service quality and improve living conditions.

21. in addition to the capital-based economy, the development process of the knowledge-based economy is going to be experienced. We can call it the knowledge economy in short. New sectors and new business models that benefit from digital blessings, offer services over the internet, have virtual or physical dimensions and will continue to emerge.

The information economy will affect the public sector, as it does in real sectors, and these will happen in the near future with the new digital world order.

Welcome to the new digital world..